Podcast 45 – How To Be a Top 10 Global Influencer In   Your Recruitment Market

Today's topic is extremely close to your heart, it's probably something you think about everyday, it's probably something you share to your spouse, it's probably something you get in the internet and you get envy. Something that you need a 100% in your business and something that you can get very quickly. 



Podcast 44  -  From Working In To Working On Your Recruitment / Search Business

In this episode, it’s not necessarily about how they’ve gone from a hundred grand to a million. That's the outcome but we're going to talk about what makes it happen.



Podcast 43 – Transform Your Recruitment Business    From Outbound To Inbound

Here, Damien discussed and shared what he’s done that he has systematically thought about from the outcome he’s got and the strategy which have been repeated three times over, and potentially, a lot more moving forward.



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