Podcast 62 - How Terry Has Built A Candidate Pipeline List From 4,300 To 550,000 Which Gives Him A £20 Million Pipeline Over The Next 3 Years

Terry has done some crazy things in his recruitment business such as building with a database of half a million prospects and creating a process that gives him £20 million funnel. Terry will share his story how he was able to managed it.



Podcast 61 – How Jamie Grew £40,000/week In His Temp Recruitment Business Under 90 Days Using THE RMI Strategy

Today's Laptop Recruiter session is a case study with Jamie Town. He's been in the mastermind group for about 4-5 months now but already moving quickly. Jamie's done a pretty cool stuff, something that you can apply to your Recruitment business.



Podcast 60 - Moving From In the Business To On the Business

Welcome to this week's Laptop Recruiter session. This session is a hotseat with Dione Bledsoe. Dione has done a couple of things on her Recruitment / Search Business and I want to share it with you.



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