Podcast 57 - Q3: 18 Summers With Your Kids

Today's Laptop Recruiter episode is last of the three completely different sessions.

Question 3: Are you being real with your timelines in your business?



Podcast 56 - Q2: Do You Get The Game?

We're on the second of three very short, very powerful podcasts with 3 insight. This session is something that's really dear to me and these 3 sessions really are quite effective model.



Podcast 55 -  Q1: The 90-10   Recruitment / Search   Business Owner Rule

Welcome to this episode of Laptop Recruiter and the next two will be completely different from our usual approach. There isn't going to be a format as in this is the set of actions I want to go away or the set of steps I recommend you to implement or indeed maybe a reference to case study, NO.



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