A New Way to Candidate Sourcing in your Recruitment/Search Business

This is around the change you’re seeing in Recruitment/Search Business, the change you’re seeing in the way you source candidates, the way you attract clients and the way you actually deliver to your Recruitment/Search Business clients.

The old fashion way in your Recruitment/Search Business

The old way of doing things may be instead of attraction you'd be focusing on the outbound, instead of the conversion you're being pre-sold and inbound leads. And delivery, actually finding your candidate, sourcing your candidates, you may have been using job boards or sending an email blast and the other ways which you’re finding more and more difficult. You can deliver in a lot more direct fashion using campaigns, using inbound online campaigns for specific roles or also big pipelines.

Imagine your Recruitment/Search Business as a Stool

See your agency like a stool with three legs on it. It represents 3 agency forces in your Recruitment/Search Business.

Attract, Convert and Deliver

Do you got systems in place to bring candidates and clients? Or are you still out chasing and moving into an outbound environment?

If you get into a cell phone call with a client and you find you're plagued with objections, it means your marketing doesn’t work. The golden ticket you want is you want clients coming to you. An inbound lead and that's what you really want in terms of conversion.

You get it from creating a system whereby your position is the trusted advisor, the expert in your marketplace and you create systems around this. Consistency in the process is the key.

Lastly, how are you actually delivering the candidate? Do you use job boards, send out blanket emails, use systems that can break down pipeline into campaigns?

In other words, these 3 legs to modern recruitment:

  1. Attraction - to bring in the candidates and clients to your Recruitment/Search Business.
  2. Conversion - you've actually got inbound leads
  3. Delivery - you get the roles then what happens, you need to actually fill the roles.

The mistakes you must avoid in your Recruitment/Search Business

Recruitment companies spend a lot of focus on getting clients and candidates. You've got one month focusing on clients, one month focusing on candidates, and it's up and down. The income is inconsistent.

Some agencies, their attraction piece is really small. But their delivery piece is excellent, they've got the candidates, they just can't get the business or the greater the actual attraction piece, but it just can't convert, they've got a very poor conversion piece. Which means the marketing is not working well.

You have a different agency at different level and you've got some focusing on getting the attraction piece. What you need to do is create a system where you've got that consistency across the attract, convert, deliver.

So look at your agency as a stool and identify what's missing. Is the attraction piece missing? Look at your agency. If you were to 10X, what would break first? Would it be the conversion piece, would it be the delivery piece? In fact do you even have any systems in place for this?

Scale your Recruitment/Search Business

Give yourself a points scale, one to five then identify which niche are you focusing in. It might be you're in one specific niche, it might be a mob of niches. Identify which niche you’re focusing for attract, convert, deliver? What's you're current strategy for each of these? Identify what is your inbound strategy for each of these. Give yourself that initial audit.

Jump over the Obstacles in your Recruitment/Search Business

What you should do is actually look at the obstacles that you've got in place and then do this - if you're not getting enough clients, you've got an attraction problem. If you can't get enough CVs, you can't get enough of the right candidates, maybe you're looking on job boards for your candidates and you're getting the candidates that everyone else has access to, the candidates that are difficult to place, let's face it they are the toughest ones.

Now with that information, you're going to have a very clear starting point of what you need to be focusing on. Which leg of your agency is your priority.

The quickest way to scale a business is to combine either the candidate piece and the expert piece, or combine the client piece and the expert piece. And that gives you scale.

Register for a 15 minute Recruitment/Search Business Owner Ignition Call, and I would love to see which of the strategies we can focus on first. Attract, convert, deliver.

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