(Video) How To Stop Losing Candidates – 21st Century Style

As one of my mentors told me “Forgive me if I’ve gone off on the following subject before. But’s it’s too important for serious recruiters to ignore. It’s a ride worth taking a couple of times, until you “get” it.” Here’s the headline: The most incompetent people in your business have… have no clue whatsoever they […]

Recruitment Content Marketing – Fad or Fact?

How Recruitment Agencies Can Create Candidates Positioning. Differentiation. Gate Keepers. Terms we are all used to. We are exhausted from being rejected, trying to get past the gatekeeper, and chasing unappreciative prospects. Fortunately there are other ways that savvy recruitment agencies and internal headhunters can get top candidates and attract premier clients without pounding the […]

How To Differentiate and Create Client (& Candidate) Leads

Fewer placements. Too many agencies. Lower fees. It is tough out there. In this ever congested recruitment economy, it is becoming tougher to stand out from the recruitment crowd with a differentiating factor. We set longer guarantees, we reduce our fees, and we shout out loud. The fact is clients & candidates have a choice […]