Double Your Recruitment Business By Positioning Yourself As A Market Leader

Let’s have a discussion about positioning and fees.

What Client & Candidates Do When You Approach Them

Moving back into the zone, I’ve got this email from one of the members of my mastermind group, Keith. Keith basically doubled his fees.

So how did he do it? He’s been only with us for a short period of time when he decided that he’ll be doubling his business. At that time, he's done no automation, he's done none of the inbound systems. He's done none of the strategies. All we've done is focused on some key positioning elements, something you can do right away as well.

When you approach a client, or you approach a candidate they do two things:

  1.    They check out your website.
  2.    They check out your social media profiles, probably LinkedIn in some way, either logging in anonymously, or they check you out anyhow. If you haven't got that positioning, straight away you're missing out on clients.

Now, I don't know what you're traffic is to your website, or to your profiles, but what I do know is that there are tools out there whereby you can see the activities when people come to your website – What do they click on? Where do they go? How long did they spend on your page? What funnels did they move through on your page?

Note: If you're not getting leads from your website, you need to re-work it. You can use a tool like Heat Map software, something like Crazy Egg to see where people go on your website.

How Did Keith Do It?

So this is what we did with Keith. Keith is a top guy, and he's got some big goals, but his fees, you know, they could be improved, so I've done some very base positioning stuff with him. It means when clients look at him when candidates look at him, he looks the real deal, and straight away he's doubled his fees.

He just made the decision based on some initial positioning, doubled his fees, and guess what? He's still getting paid. He's still getting the roles. So even before using any automation, any of the inbound tools, any of the core strategies, and the sexy stuff that we all implement, the first thing you always want to do is look at “how am I perceived online?”

Even if you have a strategy which positions you as a celebrity, it's still pointless that you get in ten, twenty, thirty, forty thousand visitors to your website if it sucks, if you do not look the real deal.

Three Factors To Ponder As A Recruitment Business Owner

The lesson is this, Number one, put you in the shoes of a client or candidate. When they come to your website when they come to your LinkedIn profile, your social media platform, what are they going to see?

All your clients care about is, can you get me the best candidates? Will they be still in my business in the next twelve to twenty-four months? Are they going to be a world-class candidate? They don't care that you've been in business seventeen years. They don't care how big your company is. They don't care about all these things that worked five years ago.

They want people, recruiters, head hunters, whatever type of phrase you want to use about yourself. If you can get them the best candidates.

Candidates, on the other hand, want recruiters who generally care about them and are generally niche-specific, and get them the best roles and the best clients. Think about your positioning. The more focused and niche-driven you get, the more retained work you're going to get.

Now, it digs down deeper than that, but you want to be positioning yourself as a market leader. Really, really important. Number one, what's your specialization? What's your niche?

Number two, how are you perceived online when clients and candidates look at you?

Number three, are you speaking to their inner drivers? When they come to your online collaterals, whether it be articles, whether it be your website, are you really talking about the hot buttons that drive that client, what they really need? Are you talking about the hot buttons of your candidate?

If not, you need to re-work this and start thinking about it. The days of “if you post a blog, build it and they all come” is gone. It's BS, it doesn't exist like that anymore. Every man and his dog got a blog. That's why you need to use automation that works while you sleep to bring visitors to your website, to your profiles, and get leads while you sleep.

That's why you must use automation. It’s time to think about those three factors.

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