Explode your Recruitment/Search Business Fast

Getting your agency to grow doesn’t based on "woo-woo" or “making this quarter really happen" or "this is the year" and all the usual guff that we say to ourselves, but it’s going to be the actual implementation.

The truth is, you get companies that come to you, sometimes start-ups, sometimes those doing 200,000 to 500,000, sometimes 500,000 to 1,000,000, but right about half of them are those who have started up a new agency themselves. They've left the previous employer, and they're like, "you know what? I want the fees. I'm tired of not getting my value." So, they start a new business. They've read a book or have been given advice from someone who has never created their own business in their own life and they create this business plan, anywhere between 10 pages and 40 pages. Eventually, you might look at it and you rip it up because it's based on nonsense.

Your Recruitment/Search Business breaks down into implementation of a set of steps

Let’s think of this as an experiment, show a strategy whereby instead of getting one lead a week, you suddenly got 30 leads. If I show you a process whereby you can have 100 clients on a One to Many conversion tool, a conversion strategy, and of those 25 bookings to your diaries, you get a different set of results. So you can see very quickly in the first 7 to 30 days just what's possible in your business.

Breakdown the Year into Quarters

When you focus on implementation and actually growing your agency you want to move away from setting this big yearly plan, you need metrics, a set of goals for the next year, but your next year should break down into a set of themes. So each quarter should have a theme.

The first quarter could be getting the infrastructure set up.

The second quarter could be having to build a client database from scratch, or it could be you're looking to get a massive position in the marketplace and get clients. Your second quarter could be based on positioning.

The third quarter could be based on canvas while the fourth is the combination of the above.

Each of the quarters should be directly related to hitting your financial metrics. If you look at that metrics, even if you had 20% of your marketplace coming to your website overnight, out of 500 you're down to 100. Of those 100, let's say 5% or 10% take action. That means 5 or 10 are going to take action.

Breakdown Quarters into Projects

Each quarter should then break down into a set of projects, a 3 key projects.

Project I: The project could be using an automated tool to shake the tree of your existing database in the first 30 days.

Project II: You're going to set up Maven Webinar Strategies, where we get world class speakers to endorse you and your brand.

Project III: The third project could be bringing on board an assistant to implement these strategies. You're going to create an awful lot of engagement and activity in your business.

Breakdown Projects into Actions

There are 3 actions for you and there should be 3 actions for another. That "another" may or may not be someone in your business right now. Break down your 3 projects into a set of 3 high level actions for you and ideally 3 actions for your VA or for your assistant, whoever might be in your business.

Let’s Recall

Those who hit the big figures are those who implement quickly. When you break down your year into 4 "90-day sprints", you call them, a theme is allocated at a 90-day sprint. Then when you break down that 90 days into 3 projects, 3 projects and 3 actions, you've got something that is tangible. Each of those projects, each of those actions, directly relate to you hitting your financial metrics.

Think 12 months. Think 90-day sprints. Think 3 projects. Think 3 actions. Think about your actions, think about the actions of your team. If you haven't got a team, then it's something you should be focusing on in the future.

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