Feasibly Increasing Your Recruitment Revenue in your Recruitment / Search Business

These real-life results are from real-life persons of recruitment / search business owners who have been exposed to the digital strategies they apply in their businesses.

Artie’s 1,000 to 15,000 Recruitment / Search Businesses in One Month

On the other hand, Artie, in Canada, applied one of our strategies called the ‘Content Cannon’ in the last month. He went from 1,000 businesses a month, to 15,000 businesses in one month. We do it in our own business, and our clients do it too, so the conversion on his website grew exponentially. The problem was he had no automation, so he went from no automation to being fully automated.

Ken’s $8,000 to $100,000 a Month

One of our clients, Ken knew that something needs to change in his recruitment / search business. He thought that getting that high of a revenue sounded too good to be true. He was hesitant about moving forward but he did his research well and decided to change the way he does things. He implemented our strategies. He took action.

Ken quickly went from having no leads coming in to literally companies coming to him every single day, waking up, having companies say, “Can you source for me?” He had what he calls a proposal. They requested a proposal from him. He has a business that’s now automated. It’s automated in so many processes. What used to take months, now takes a few hours. The financial impact to Ken is his huge brand recognition. He’s now become what we call a maven. A maven is a strategy that we use. He’s now been asked to speak on industry webinars and events, and so forth.

He’s getting 2, 3 clients a day saying, “Can you source for us?” He’s got large clients actually ask him, “Can you actually request for us, find candidates for us?”I’m pending on a contract of 100 teachers in Japan. I’m pending on a contract of 100 programmers in 19 countries. I’m pending on a contract for 15 IT people in 5 countries. I’m pending on a contract for 24 IT jobs, 120, 125 registrations a week. In fact, I had to pull back the automated marketing from every hour to 2 hours.”

He’s actually got too many leads coming in.

We are in a time now, of digital marketing, whereby you have tools that can act and represent 100 people in your business, and go out and do that while you sleep. That’s what we did with Ken’s business.

How Frameworks Actually Work on your Recruitment / Search Business

The framework helps us to create a custom plan and a positioning strategy based on the metrics and niche. We then looked at what we were trying to achieve. We need clients. So how do we get clients?

We create a custom plan around your metrics and your marketplace. Ken’s marketplace is global, so some of his clients are awake in the middle of the night in the US, so they’re based in the Philippines, Australia and Europe. We had to create an online strategy that worked 24/7. You may be located anywhere in the world but the strategy that we’d apply on your business would relate to your marketplace and your niche. It isn’t a one size fits all.

Clients fall into 2 baskets. One to 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s. 1s to 7s are those who do not trust you, those who do not know you, and those who are not ready to buy. They go into an automated nurturing campaign, so when they’re ready to buy, when they trust you, they come to you. Baskets 8s, 9s, and 10s, they go into your online diary. They are ready to buy and move forward, so you separate the two. Your aim, your website, if it’s not set up for 8, 9, and 10s, and 1to 7s, you’re losing money every single day.

With Ken, we made some tweaks on his website. We got the infrastructure in place, then we implemented what we call the Content Canon Strategy. The clients come to your website, then we take them through a set of steps. The funnel filter, into a survey, so they tell us what they’re looking for, what roles they’re looking for, when they’re looking, what the challenges are, then they go to a proposal request set of steps. These are 5 clear steps, content, inbound leads, into your authority website, into your funnel filter, into your survey, into a proposal asking you to get business.

We identified Ken’s marketplace. The first place we were going to look at for his clients was LinkedIn, so we joined 50 groups where his clients were. On average, each LinkedIn group has about 5,000 per group. That’s a reach of 250,000. Now, consider these figures. If you’ve got 50 groups, 5,000 in each group, that’s quarter of a million. If you post 4 times a day, that’s 1 million potential points of contact every single day. Do that 5 to 7 times a week, that’s 5 to 7 million points of contact of your prospects every single week. Now, as you just saw on the email from Ken, Ken actually had to pull back the automated marketing from every hour to every 2 hours.

Authority and Expert Content on your Recruitment / Search Website

We create 4 pieces of content that are posted every single day. Each day, there’s 4 pieces of content going out which you never ever write. We partner with companies who write world class content for $10 plus. There are case studies where our clients have applied that authority content strategy.

Authority content positions you as an expert in your marketplace. If you’re in the IT field, we will focus on the three subdomains you work in. “Well, I work in Java, Oracle, and SharePoint,” For those 3 niches, for each of those, we want you to be the expert in the marketplace, to be the leader in that marketplace, so we create what we call authority content that positions you as the subject matter expert, authority content.

The second type of content is called expert content. Expert content is where you are positioned as a leader in the marketplace in terms of recruitment. There are some worksheets we use for you to fill out and then we pass off to our writers. You’re hitting cycles or triggers of your clients and of your candidates. 99% of recruiters don’t do this. They create content and think that’s good enough. We create authority content. We create expert content.

If You’re a Recruitment / Search Business Owner, Remember These Lessons Learned

  • Automate It

To go from $800,000 to 100K and get this framework in place to scale your business, the first lesson is, automate your business, automate your content. Do not write it yourself and do not post it yourself. 

  • Separate the content to two different tranches, authority content and expert content. You post it as an expert in the marketplace to subject matter experts. You can combine that with our maven strategy. Expert content positions you as a leader in the recruitment space.
  • Create the online funnel that runs while you sleep. 

    You should be focusing on digital inbound strategy.

  • Speak to leads in the baskets 8s, 9s, and 10s. 

    If you treat every prospect the same, you’re not going to be leveraging your time. You cannot scale a business to the full extent if you treat every single point of contact the same. Leads in baskets 1s to 7s, you nurture in an automated campaign.

  • Take action 

    More and more people are coming in more and more niches, and they’re starting to see that this is the way to do it. 

    At Recruitment Marketing International, you can get access to more than 100 strategies for your recruitment / search business. 

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