Getting Yourself Known in the Recruitment/Search Business Industry

Tools and strategies to grow your business substantially and quickly can definitely help you speak to 100, 200, 500 clients and candidates, whatever they might be. We call that one to many. You were given a platform and let you know how to do it. You can then create a funnel, an inbound funnel whereby you've got clients and candidates.

From a couple hundred visitors a month to getting over 10,000 and you get the message wrong, you've pretty much wasted the opportunity and it might shot yourself in the foot. It may damage your reputation. You need to be really careful about what we're dealing with. Just remember, who your client or candidate is and when you know their avatar, know the metrics to achieve.

Keep it in mind: It’s not about content and concept marketing, it’s your clients and candidates

I've just had 2 fast track calls which is a terminate quick acceleration call with directors. Along the call, we would identify where are they now, what they're looking to achieve, what's the road blocks and from there, we can now move into setting up an additional strategy session. On these calls, both directors have different positions on the marketplace.

It means we've got a different Unique Sellers Proposition (USP). To you, you think you're different but to your clients you're exactly the same with minor changes. How do we differentiate ourselves? Well you’re different because you get paid for XXX or you only work for 10 clients or you've been in the business 17 years. That's a bad place to be because in fact your clients don't care about that. What happens is you might start the filing fees and you’ll become a commodity. You don't want to do that.

You’re not somebody else, You’re the master of your own ship

You've got to remember your a decision maker. When you talk to them one to one or in platform where you're talking to 500 or if you automate the process and you're communicating to 10,000, you must talk to the left brain. You need to think systematic steps how we describe what we do. Again, it’s not about content marketing, it’s about what you do.

There are so many Recruitment/Search Business Owners now. Your clients are inundated with calls, emails, etc. When you actually have a conversation whether it be a one to one conversation or one to many, it is a process in place that clearly defines what you do. You need to have a system.

Why Clients come to you

There could be a lot of steps that gives us all the features of what we actually do. The first thing you need to do is get clear on what drives your client. What drives them to hire you? Every time you communicate with your market place, you must focus on the problem. Have an attitude fixing of their problem. They don't care about the fact that you've been in business for quite some time. They care about the fact that you didn't come to see them face to face.

When you speak to a client you demonstrate that your system delivers the candidates. You need to:

  • Identify the problem
  • Get a solution
  • Demonstrate this is the outcome that your process delivers
  • Demonstrate the logistics and the implementation

Just remember why are you doing this

When you send out your communications to clients, read your email again. Are you focusing on the problem for your client? Or are you focusing on what you want? The content must be perfect. It must hit your client or candidate.

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