Be Independent on Recruitment Platforms by Creating your Own Recruitment / Search Business’ Database

LinkedIn has changed. They've cut down the number of messages you can send, they’ve changed the platform and the algorithms. What should we do? 

To get predictability and certainty into your recruitment / search business, get off the platforms. You're in a place where you're dependent on other people, so what can we do to get around that? Do you need more clients? Do you need more candidates? Do you need both? What are you doing to do that?

Here are questions you can ask yourself. 

  1. How many candidates are in my marketplace? 

    If you work in Oracle developers in Ohio and there's two thousand in Ohio. If there's potentially ten thousand across the US who travel so your marketplace of candidates is twelve thousand. If there's a total of a hundred clients and each client's got five decision makers. We've then got five hundred clients. So, wouldn't it make sense if we had a database for the candidates, and a database for the clients that you could contact when you want? Here's the key thing. When you've got your own database you can then use automation. You can then nurture them. You can run automated systems, automated campaigns that run 24/7 every day of the year, so what you've got is a twenty-four hour sales machine. The first thing to consider is your marketplace and your niche.

  2. How many candidates or clients are in my niche?

  3. Why do I want to build a database? 

    We want to get off the dependency of LinkedIn, Job Boards, and of other third-party platforms so you can decide when you contact them. They are there forever unless you delete them, or they remove themselves from the database. You need to be front of mind at least once, twice a week. That's why you must use automation. That's why you must be using systems and moving away from the old way of doing things.

How to Get Off the Recruitment / Search Platforms

  1. Focus on the long-term certainty of your business and achieve by having ownership of the details of your candidates and your clients in your own database.
  1. Set up automation. Whereby you can nurture them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, if you so wish. Once it's set up, it runs in the background.

What Getting Off the Platform is Looking To Do to your Recruitment / Search Business

  1. Get you in a position of understanding,“Where does certainty come from in my agency?” Certainty comes from having to cut the roles. It comes from having the candidates to fill the roles.
  1. Get that certainty away from third-party platforms. You're always going to need them but you shouldn't be dependent on them.

If You’re a Recruitment/ Search Business Owner, Remember This

Nurture the clients and candidates on your database and use a 24/7 sales machine to do so. When they're ready, when they're buyer ready, and when they trust you, the clients and candidates are more likely to come to you and see you as a trusted advisor.

Removing the unpredictability of your business. It isn’t an overnight thing. You can decide which clients and candidates you want to work with. There really is no downside to building your database, and building a database that positions you as leader in the marketplace.

Take action and fear not the changes happening online.

At Recruitment Marketing International, we can find strategies and solutions on creating your database. Let me know what your challenges are and book a call to be more independent on platforms for your recruitment / search business.

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