How To Make Your Recruitment Website A Lead Generation Tool

This article is around your authority website, the base of your online business. Let’s have a look at your authority website and how to really make it into a lead generation tool.

Do I Need A Website? Yes! Everything You Do Should Point Back To You

As always there’s a number of different areas we need to work through – from principles and challenges and how we actually implement this.

The way you should view your website is almost like an octopus; a phrase I got from a chap in Australia, James Franco, who is a friend of a friend of mine. It summarized exactly what we’re looking to do.

For those who are asking, "Do I need a website? I don't see what the big deal is or why do we need to worry about these little bits? Why do we need to change some of the language?" Why? It’s because all of your marketing, everything you do online should come back to your authority website.

You want to think about your online footprint, your online collateral, what you do in terms of marketing. You want to focus it almost as an octopus so there is you in the middle. If you think about an octopus, it's got tentacles popping out all over. Now these tentacles are going to be and they are your marketing pieces.

Your digital footprint should come back and point back to you. If you’re going to put content on the Internet, you would want to get the benefit of it. If it is SEO related, we want to get the benefit of it – not now, but in the years to come. We want Google to index and point back to us, whether you are focusing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Webinars, posting in forums/groups or writing articles.

The JV Strategy

A big one is going to be JV's. One of the strategies I've always talked about is how you can identify websites of say 100, 000+ visitors each month. And in fact, actually set up a joint venture state and direct that traffic to you. For example, if you are in Java or if you're in Zap, you can find these websites and you can actually have the owner send out email messages and direct his members or his visitors to you. You want them always coming back to you.

Your Website As An Octopus

You want to view your website as an octopus, so everything you are doing points back to you. If you got a website that's 2nd rate, if you got a website that doesn't capture leads, if you got a website that doesn't allow you to start setting up automation in your business then we've got problems because there will be a lot of traffic for you, there will be a lot of assessments of you taking place online that you won't even be aware of.

When you set up a proper lead generation funnel from your website the traffic that comes to you, you're going to actually be using to actually create leads.

Now look at your website and everything you do as almost like an octopus. This is all coming back to you. That's the first thing you should think about.

On the bigger picture, what we are talking about as a framework. If you think about your authority website, this is you – www.abcrecruiting. Then what you have is your traffic. Your traffic is the tentacles of what we just discussed. So you got Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, you got whatever you got out there all pointing back to your website. That's your traffic.

Problems I See From Most Recruitment Websites

So you got traffic, however, most recruitment websites are pretty off in many, many ways and there are some key, key challenges I see:

  1. The first problem I see with recruitment websites is this: We try to be too smart. Keep It Simple, Stupid – KISS. When people come to your website, remember they are going to make a decision instantaneously, "Shall I keep reading?"

    Your first job is to retain their interest in you and have them read through what you have. The very first thing they need to do is they need to know you’re are talking to them. Who are you? What do you do? How can you help me? The answers you must provide for your prospect.

    We don't want subliminal USP’s and being all fancy and then long, long paragraphs that around hot air. Keep it really simple, most of your clients are going to be very functional, very linear people. Some of you are going to be in niches where there will be some more creative mindsets involved, but you are dealing with those who are making buying decisions. Keep it simple. You need to answer: Who are you? What do you do? Can you help me? The problem we've got, most websites don't do that in Recruitment.

  2. Most recruitment websites are losing leads every single day. There is no possibility nor set-ups to actually capture leads. If you got 1,000 people come in a month, you are losing a huge proportion of those who will sign up for either your opt-in to your email list or they might sign-up for a meeting with you. They might sign-up for a webinar, but we are letting those leads go.

  3. No automated nurturing. Now approximately, depends on what white paper you read, 3% of your clients can be ready to buy as they come across you. So 97% are not going to be buying at the time. So what do we do? They come to our website, they read something and they think you’re nice then they go away and forget about you. When they are ready to buy, someone else might be nurturing them, someone else might have just popped in front of them. 

    We want to be nurturing the 97%, but we want to do it automatically, you can't do this manually. There is no ultimate nurturing going on from most recruitment websites.

  4. Most recruitment websites that I see are half-baits. The approach to the websites is just get it up there, keep it really simple. 

    “All I'm going to do is just take loads of content, write it down on a Sunday, get up there and not think about it.” That's your decision, if you take your approach, this is your business, and these are your candidates and clients. 

    As soon as you get inside your prospect head, as soon as you get in deep inside the avatar of the client it will flow a lot easier, but it's getting deep inside that mindset. If they come to your website and they can't recognize instantly that you are fixing this particular problem for them, if they can't actually see what market place you are working in or you're the person to fix it, they will definitely be off. The very least they need to be able to see, "Right, this is what you do. This is how you do it and can you do it for me?" and Most recruitment websites have got a half-bait approach to that. 

    There’s lots of content and it's garbage. “What problem can you fix for me? What is my problem?” As your client, think what your client’s biggest problem is. They don't want to come to your website and find out the latest trends in the market place. They don't want to come and see nice pictures of someone shaking hands on a table that you got of Google images. 

    They've got a problem they want fixed, how can you fix it? What are the roles that you provided that they are desperate to get filled and they can't fill them? What case studies have you got that you can demonstrate that shows you are the real deal? 

    If you are going to go on stage and do a presentation you think a lot harder. If you are going to present to 5000 people you put your back into it. Once this website is up, it's going to be up. If you do it correctly, pretty much forever, you are going to change content as you move along, you might grow, expand your business, you might sell the business, you might go into multiple niches, but it's your 24/7 sales machine. Treat it as such. If you are going to treat it without that respect then think about doing a presentation to 5,000 people and then just doing it the night before and that's the equivalent. So you need to think about what you are doing.

  5. There is no funnel and what I mean by that is there is no call-to-action for the next step. We talk about the next step, depends on where you are on the ladder of trust and where your clients are in terms of buyer readiness. They might be in position to buy, they might not be, but what you got to do is give them the opportunity to take that next logical step. Some of your clients might have heard from you 3-4 times and read some articles that you are good and it gets to the 5th, 6th time, "Do you know what? I trust them, they are demonstrating to me that they are the real deal. They are not just posting something once and hoping things turn out to be great. They are doing all these things that are contributing to the market place. They are doing this maven webinars." It might be the 5th, 6th interaction with you, it might be the 15th, who knows? If it's automated it won't matter to you. 

    What's their next logical step? Some of your client’s next logical step will be to learn more about you. Some other of your clients or prospects rather, their next logical step will be, "I want you to source me, but I need to speak to you." 

    I'm sure you've all been shopping, looking for something. You've been online and you've looked for that stereo, you've looked for whatever it might be, an iPod and you come to the website, you've seen it's cheap and you get lost trying to find the buyer or you get lost in the process or they won't take your credit card, they need to take PayPal or vice versa and you’re off. 

    We live in an ADHD society. You need to make it when it comes to your websites. They've got some real clear options. “If I now want this person to give me a proposal, what do I do?” “If I want to speak to this person, what do I do?” They don't want to go around looking trying to find contact pages and numbers. They want it plain as day, what exactly do they need to do? Make it idiot-proof. 

    If you’re familiar with the film Philadelphia starring Denzel Washington – “treat me like a 5-year-old”, and that's exactly what you need to be doing. If you are getting 1,000 visitors to your website, wouldn't it be good if a proportion of those will straight away sign-up for a meeting with you?

What's The Solution?

Get the basic fundamentals in place before actually setting up the funnel, the process and so forth. Get your Recruitment / Search Business running 24/7 using Automated Tools. With that said, you need a framework. If you’d like to discuss more with us, you can book a call using this link:

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