The New School Way of Growing your Recruitment / Search Business

If you're not using campaigns to drive your candidate sourcing or your client attainment, you're missing out on the engine of your business. Whenever a campaign is set up correctly, you can predict when you're going to get CVs and client leads in. You set up a process to bring in CVs based on the open roles you have on your existing pipeline. If you want client leads, you set up a campaign to engage with those clients and actually attract them to you.

It's very specific and systematic. There's no guess work involved on the problem we've got in recruitment and the problem we've got with the use of being strategic with our business. 

Up and Down Months in your Recruitment / Search Business

Now we all know we need to change, but we don't do it. We know we can't keep doing recruitment the old way, the traditional way because it's now becoming prehistoric. Why don't we change? Number one, you're overworked. You've got the best laid plans in the world. On January the 1st, you're out there saying, “This is the year I'm going to make a change. I'm going to get strategic and I'm going to use these awesome new tools.” Then what happens?

You get overworked and then you get back into the cycle of up and down months of being inconsistent. Having the good months because some roles have been placed and you have some bad months because you're not doing business development while you're looking for the candidates. You have up and down months that's driven by having unstructured days. We start to get into reactive mode. We start to chase candidates, we start to get a lead and we chase down, we have unstructured days up and down. Very nonstrategic. We take our problems home with us and we get bogged down in the daily.

What happens? Nothing changes and we start to have this self-fulfilling prophecy that I suck or I'm not going to be able to grow. I'm not going to be able to have the agency I want.

What Client Getting Campaigns Are For and How They Work in your Recruitment / Search Business

If you've got ten roles open now, what are you doing to get the CVs in? Are you looking to get referrals, are you sending out blanket emails, are you doing the odd look on LinkedIn, you're probably all over the place. If you're looking to get client leads in, what are you doing? Have you actually got a system to bring in warm leads to you, so clients actually are coming to you, actually booking calls with you?

When you think strategically and you work with campaigns, in the next four weeks you can get 50 CVs for one particular role or it could be 200 CVs for ten roles. You may want client leads in job development programs based in New York City, upgraded from job seven to job eight, whatever your campaign is.

When you think strategically and you work with campaigns, in the next four weeks you can get 50 CVs for one particular role or it could be 200 CVs for ten roles. You may want client leads in job development programs based in New York City, upgraded from job seven to job eight, whatever your campaign is.

When you apply campaigns, you start to have repeatable systems. You've got steps one, two and three when you go through a process—you do exactly the same steps each time. The actual content of the campaign will change but the process is exactly the same. You start to get predictable results every time we run a campaign. If we're looking for client leads and you want to get 40 % opt in from the very first cycle.

When you apply this, you can get 10X growth in your business. Getting 10X growth in your business doesn't happen by chance. If you imagine if you had a system now and every time you run it, you're certain to bring in a set of results. You knew if you put in 100 units at the front, you're going to bring out the back of it 50 CVs or 50 client leads. If you run through that three times, you can start to believe the system and the process steps. Then wouldn't it make sense to go from 100 units at the front end to say 1,000 units?

Out of the back of that process, you're going to get not 50 CVs or 50 leads, but 500. You can get 10X growth very quickly. Take for example, Ken. He realized that he need to get this work in. You'll hear about Ken talking himself in a case study about how he’s gone from four figures a month just five months ago.

He applied it to his business, he broke it down into campaigns. Simply, it looks like an architecture. You’ve got your traffic on the left hand side. In the middle, you've got your landing page by seven to forty %. At the top, we've got a conversion tool. A conversion tool can be anything from a webinar, it can be a podcast, it can even be just a landing page. Then, we've got a thank you page with a call to action.

The old school recruiter, their way of working hard was to make more calls, bang down more doors. The new savvy recruiter in 2015, they're actually tweaking a landing page. Tweak a little bit of text. They're improving their process. They're getting more strategic traffic. Which are you? Are you the old dinosaur or are you the savvy new guy who's stress actually comes from tweaking the page and not making hundreds of calls, killing themselves and getting a horrible, icky feeling.

If we want CVs, we get CVs. If we want client leads, we get client leads. What we do is, we tweak things every time but the very first time we run through it, we want to get at least 40 %. Now look at the bottom. Consistent conversion improvement at every stage. We want to be getting predictable results and tweak them and improve them every time.

Three Hot Principles to Apply in your Recruitment / Search Business to Ensure Success

1. Cash flow follows calendar.

Do you know what campaigns you've got lined up for the next month? Do you know from the last four, five months, what those results are likely to be? These can be answered by the specific metrics from actual campaigns to get CVs in. You can actually see the number there with the corresponding dates you’ve liked to track on. If you plan it and run it by campaigns, you can predict when you're going to get the leads. You can resource around that.

2. You choose one traffic source, one lead magnet, a way to attract the candidates or clients.

Next component, rule of one. Instead of just trying to spin a billion place, doing social media, writing blogs, making calls, doing networking events, doing live events, focus on just one. You choose one conversion tool and you choose one follow up funnel. We've run a six figure business off just one each of those. Our clients run six figure plus businesses off exactly the same. You don't need to go into overwhelm mode when you can have a method that gets you certainty.

3. Run your business in campaign cycles.

If you need to get CVs for roles in the next quarter or if you need to get new client leads in a new niche, build a campaign. Take for example these two campaigns setup.

The first campaign could be Job Development CVs New York with the goal to bring in 20 CVs in seven days, using LinkedIn as the Lead Channel. A Lead Perimeters template could be handy which you can use to fill out to actually know where your candidates are going to be and how to attract them. A Lead Generation owner, who's actually going to do it? Is it you or is it someone else in your business or you're outsourcing it. Set the start date and end date for the first campaign to be laid out.

The second campaign could be on client leads in the big data niche. You want to focus on Northern America and get 50 clients giving us feedback, advising when they're going to be hiring. Using our database and a LinkedIn group as the Lead Channel. A Lead Perimeters document is used to fill out documents so we can get our virtual assistant to actually go out and actually do the work for us which will cost two or three dollars an hour.

There are processes that can show you how to do that and your business can scale from 10 times over. You build your business by campaigns. If you want leads, new client leads, if you get 100 visits, you get 40 % conversion, you've got 40 new leads. If you get 500 visits, 40 % conversion, that’s going to be 200 new leads for your business.

Get in Traffic to your Recruitment / Search Website and Scaling your Recruitment / Search Business

A business can scale extremely quickly because it's predictable. You need to set up your campaigns  and it's going to take a week or two to get things moving. Then, you'll never go back to doing business the same way again. On CVs and client referrals, if you get 100 visits, 40 % landing page conversion, 50 % CV opt in, wouldn't it make sense to get more traffic? It would get more traffic in 500 visits and then that pays huge dividends to get a lot more traffic and leads coming in.

For every 100 visits that come, you receive 40 opt ins and are interested to hear about your agency. 20 of those 40, actually want to apply for the roles you're detailing. That’s 20 CVs. 500 visits get 100 CVs, 10,000 visits get 2,000 CVs, and now you're going big fish. Start off just small like a hundred visits. It's predictable however the metrics can possibly go higher than 40 %.

If the 40 % says they’ve never heard of your agency and if 25 % of them completes the survey, you can automate the process so they schedule into one of your booking systems and speak to them one to one. If you’ve got 100 visits, that’s 10 client leads in and if you’ve got 500 visits, that’s 50 client leads in.

If you are a Recruitment / Search Business Owner, Remember This

Clients who are not in the market telling you they are going to be hiring in the next one to five months are pretty powerful and you can’t get them by chance. You need systems that are repeatable. It removes the overwhelm and the uncertainty in your recruitment / search business. You need predictable results and you need multiply your growth 10 times. Ken's doing it because he's strategic, who built his recruitment / search business on campaigns.

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