How One-To-Many Strategy Can Help You Grow Your Recruitment Business

In this article, let’s talk about how to grow your agency using online digital strategies which are inbound, but also focus on making you the leader in your marketplace.


We’re in the digital age now. We’re at the time of online and all these cool tools out there – the exact time where you can really leverage one to many.

The problem we got in recruitment is that we’ve not been educated to these tools. You might be sitting there listening, “Wow, that sounds incredible, but I don’t know how to actually implement it. I know what that tool is for, but I actually don’t know how to do it or I know that there are ways you can speak to hundreds at a time, but I’m not sure how to set it up or what to say.”

Conversion Tools To Help You Grow Your Business

You’ve got to understand that there are many different conversion tools you can use that can really grow your business and you can speak to hundreds of candidates at a time without actually killing yourself. You only speak to those who actually are an A player. We actually call those “Conversion Tools”.

So in Andy’s case (one of the members of my mastermind group), we got him to understand that for this particular strategy, what we’re going to use in his business (sourcing candidates from steroids) as a conversion tool is the webinar.

The One-to-Many Strategy Advantage

Now Andy’s business before was one to one business. He speaks to candidates, clients and gets a referral – one at a time. That isn’t a way to be a one-man business and scale it. That’s a way to get to an early grave.

In a One-to-many strategy, you can be using a webinar. You can be using automated tools. You can be using tools where you can email 500 or 10,000 at a time, tools whereby you can speak to thousands at a time.

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