Podcast 15 – How Barie Grew His Clients & Candidates From 10k to 48k Using Webinars

We free Recruitment / Employment Agency Owners from prison - and help them create and market more profitable, less stressful businesses. Here's How:

Every small Recruitment / Employment Agency struggles with managing and growing their agency. Pulled between chasing clients one month, candidate’s the next, running the agency using manual methods, cold calling, no systems and a never-ending list of recruiting tasks, it's almost impossible to break free from the day to day and grow the agency.

The result? Trapped in your agency, hitting a ceiling, and never getting traction.

Recruitment Marketing International empowers entrepreneurial Recruitment / Employment Agency Owners to create agencies that support their personal, professional and business goals through the use of one to many inbound marketing strategies, automation and systems to grow your agency leaving you to work on the business and not lose your soul working in it.

Our programs are exclusive and by invitation only, and we take a limited number of members. To see if you are qualified, click here to schedule a 10-minute conversation. In just ten minutes, we'll let you know if and how we can help you, and if we can, we'll discuss next steps.

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