Podcast 24 – The Hot Seat – Letting The System Do The Hard Work


Do you feel like there is just too much to do and not enough time to do it?

Do you ever feel like you spend one week trying to get replies from prospects and then the next chasing candidates and then take that stress home?

I had a great session with Dan. From Atlanta, USA Dan started a new agency in January 2016 and I made you this video with Dan to show you how to get from a standing start to $70k a month in 5 months using an automated system to get clients coming to you.

Dan Says “I Let The System Do The Work”.

Inside, Dan explains how his day now revolves around replying to the incoming messages from prospects in the morning (to answer messages from clients saying can we speak).

Dan also explains how his next step is to move from $70k to $150k a month. This is extracted from one of our live coaching sessions so we are really pulling the lid back. This is one off.

I am not sure how long we will keep the video up for so watch the private session while it is available.

Like I said. This s warts and all HOT SEAT coaching session, so grab a coffee and swap this for your hour surfing or on Facebook. It is how Dan got to $70k a month in 5 months.

Watch it now, and learn how to prevent “business owner stress” from doing too much and having the game switched so you work with those who come to YOU.


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