Podcast 26 – How to Create a Recruitment Website to Get Inbound Leads


Do you have a recruitment website?

Are you having frustrations about the lack of inbound funnels?

So do you want to learn how to create a recruitment website to get inbound leads?

Setting up a website is like an iceberg effect in that people only see the
tip of it but what's really going on. Underneath it is the real strategy. The magic that allows you to wake up to inbound leads in your inbox.

And that's exactly what I'm going to give you, the strategy underneath the water.

What I want to give you is an insight into what your website can look like and what it should be doing so you can wake up to leads in your inbox, you can wake up to clients and candidates in your inbox.

Grab a pen and paper as I lay out how to set up your website (and content) to get the 3 types of client and candidate to contact you.

Speak soon,
Andy “Recruitment Website King” Whitehead

Million Dollar Recruiter Consultation™