Podcast 27 – How to Get 100% Retained Business

Are you working hard but not getting paid?

Want to move away from contingency?

Are you in a business whereby you may get 4-5 searches a year with a very high replacement? That's worst when you lose them it gives you so much stress, so much pressure. We don't want that. Or working on low fees and still contingent? I feel the frustration from here.

So how to get 100% retained in your business? Two proven factors.

There are two factors to get 100% retained business.

Two factors that will drive to retained your business. Two factors that will ensure you'll get a 100% retained business.

1. First is inbound deal flow, You must have inbound leads, clients coming to you when they come to you, the dynamic is that they need you, you're the price not you're the one who's chasing them.

2. Secondly, the second thing that will give you positioning is "Authority" and that positioning will also drive your retained business. Listen now!

Andy Whitehead

Million Dollar Recruiter Consultation™