Podcast 29 – The 5 Phases of a Million Dollar Recruitment Agency

Are you having fears of what's going to happen next?

Start your business to get your freedom to get more money, but how do you do this without using outbound and chasing the phone?

Using Inbound, Automation, and Authority here is The 5 Phases of a Million Dollar Recruitment Agency.

1. Foundation - Identify what you're not in. Not sure what niche you're in?
2. Attraction - How can you get inbound leads?
3. Authority - To break the noise in the marketplace.
4. Automation - You must have automation inside your business. System and automation should do the manual work.
5. Scale - Where business grows very quickly. Must have a remote team. You must have a Virtual Assistant (VA). They work Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), anything you're doing in your business more than once, you should not be doing that.

Start working on the business not in the business. Set a metrics for a million dollar recruiter.

Get off the harm steel wheel, the ups and down months. You must have consistent inbound flow for clients and candidates.

- Andy "The Million Dollar Recruiter" Whitehead

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