Podcast 32 – How I Am Scaling My Recruitment / Staffing / Search Business By Using Automation & Working Less

Every recruitment business owner knows how important building up data sets is. It’s one of the first things that you do in recruitment / staffing / search business.

As we all know, an old school recruiter goes and picks up the phone, send out crappy LinkedIn blast. They send out a hundred, or a thousand, two thousand or five thousand, whatever it is and just blast on Mail Chimp and all that rubbish recruitment does.

Are you an old school recruiter? Or do you have a system?

Keith shares a brief history of where he was before and where he is now – specifically on how he gets his data sources. He talks about the Inner Circle’s RRRR process which gave him good figures and has now been running very successfully for 6 months.

Keith’s advice: Do it rather than just wishing you could do it or “I have a problem doing it”. Just start it and get it done.

Listen now and discover how you can be like Keith!

- Andy Whitehead

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