Podcast 34 – From £2K To £75K A Month. Here’s how.

Andy here.

I’m excited to share with you something about my friend, Ryan Walker.

You might remember the video of Ryan Walker from the last couple of weeks how he essentially went from £2K a month to £20K in just 10 days!

Got an update! And guess what? He’s scaling up again!

He’s now pushing £75K for this month and I’m going to share three insights on how he has made this happen.

What recruitment business owners want most is the direct route to success. So your role is to get from A to B as possible. How do you do that?

What is your A to B? In Ryan’s case, it’s £2K to £75K a month in a couple of months.

What’s your quickest route from A to B?

Andy Whitehead

Million Dollar Recruiter Consultation™