Podcast 35 – Recruitment Owner – Ryan Walker – How He Attained A Year’s Revenue In 30 Days

You may have heard of Ryan Walker, one of my clients who went from £2K A Month to £20K in just 10 days.

He has now moved on to attain 2 times £75K!

Now he's scaling up again and now has a 7-digit pound tender!

Ryan was in a difficult situation doing cold calls, getting pissed off and spending 10 hours in the phone.

Fast forward, he now has a 7-digit pound tender within 85 days of joining the "Inner Circle". How did he do it? Ryan shares his journey of scaling up. What I love about Ryan is his approach to doing the business and that is:

Action.. Fail.. Action.. Result.. etc.

In this session, we focused on:

1. How Ryan was earning £2K a month and the stress it caused him and his family.

2. How he applied two Inner Circle strategies moving from £2K a month to securing £25K worth of business within 2 weeks.

3. How he's brought in multiple 6-figure business contracts and now has a million pound tender.

Discover Ryan's action plans to get to where he is now!

Speak soon,

Andy Whitehead

Million Dollar Recruiter Consultation™