Podcast 36 – You Are The Point Of Failure & Success In Your Recruitment / Search Business

Hey there, Andy here.

What I really want to talk is something that's really difficult for a lot of owners and directors
in the search business wherever they maybe located - they'd be in Australia or USA.

The big problem I see over and over again is this:

We get directors and owners come to us and they've got this problem saying "Andy, I want to be
using this automation that I see your clients use." or "I wanna be a leader in the market place"
or "I wanna double the revenue" or "I wanna get to my first 6-figure month".

Here's a fact:

You are the point of success but you're also the point of failure in the business. And quite often

In this episode, I shared 3 points that I have identified and observed and also
SOLVED with clients:

1. YOU OWN the business.

2. Recognizing the two types of Recruitment Agency nowadays.

3. You should be OPERATING in your GENIUS

Where do you want your business to be in 90 days, in 12 months?

When you identify your role as a business owner... that's when the scale happens.

Speak soon,

Andy Whitehead

Million Dollar Recruiter Consultation™