Podcast 39 – The Recruitment Business Owners Strategy Headache


Welcome to another episode of the Million Dollar Recruitment / Search Business Owner Podcast. In this episode, we're going to talk about something that's very important to me.

It's around STRATEGY and the IMPORTANCE of strategy inside your Recruitment / Search Business.

Now, what is a strategy? A strategy really is focused on one thing - achieving an outcome. One thing I talk about relentlessly inside our mastermind group and ignition program is reverse engineering steps.

So first of, do you need a strategy? A simple fact is this, yes you do.

Next question is, where are you now?

So, let's look at some quick diagnostic.

Maybe number 1: You're reactive. Things happen to you. Leads come now and again. Candidates come in or you have a good month or a bad month but it's reactive. There's lack of predictability. Maybe you can relate to that.

Maybe number 2: Each week, there's no real rhythm to your business. There's no real strategy
in place. So what do we do? We get excited on new year's eve and say "this is the year where it's all going to change" and then guess what? We get into the same old cycle, on same old treadmill on week on week and month on month.

So with that said, we are now at a time where everything is changing very quickly so let's get you into traction, let's get some results, let's get scaling then we can start building systems and automation.

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Ace it!


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