Podcast 41 – How To Easily Build A Remote Recruitment Team

Today’s episode will be a Hot Seat with Keith Southern – we’ll be focusing on the remote team part of the business.

Keith will share how he’s moved his business from working in an office to now working remotely.

From having a business set up an outbound, going to an office, picking up the phone, driving team consultants, and all the stress that goes with it to now actually working from well at the moment I believe from home.

Here’s the thing, wherever we're working that's by the bite it's about the system and the process to make it happen.

I've said this many times before, the only thing that's stopping you is implementation. It's the mindset to implement.

So with that said guys, let's get over to Keith himself and hopefully understand now that's it not about whether you're working in an office or not, it's about the process that allows you to work from home or the process that allows you to scale your business.

Either way, the process must convert.