Podcast 44 – From Working In To Working On Your Recruitment / Search Business

This episode of The Million Dollar Recruitment Business Owner is a hot seat with Dione. Now Dione has a couple of things I want to share with you guys. Listen now!

I read a quote this week around golf. It says that the golf player never says “I want to be hitting a full par 4”. They say, “How can I do my back swing perfectly? How do I follow through perfectly?” it breaks down into individual steps.

In this episode, it’s not necessarily about how they’ve gone from a hundred grand to a million. That's the outcome but we're going to talk about what makes it happen. The actual swing – breaking the swing down into three to four steps.

With that said, your Recruitment / Search Business will grow not by thinking “I’m going to be a millionaire”. It’ll grow by the little things you do.