Podcast 45 – How To Be a Top 10 Global Influencer In Your Recruitment Market

Podcast Highlights:

[00:36] - Topic introduction
[01:06] - What is Authority in your Recruitment/Search Business ?
[02:45] - Visualise: You're one of the Top 10 Influencers in the world in your niche
[03:30] - Will it affect your Recruitment/Search Business?
[04:57] - A member who have experienced like this
[05:49] - A year ago he knew nothing BUT it changed
[06:47] - Key components of Authority in your Recruitment Business
[08:16] - Set steps and metrics
[09:44] - There are two types of content
[11:18] - These steps give someone the ability to be seen as a Leader
[12:51] - True Authority comes by working strategically
[14:23] - We need Campaigns in our Recruitment/Search Business
[17:15] - Recruitment Business Lessons


Hey there,

Andy Whitehead here in an another episode of the Million Dollar Recruiter.

Today's topic is extremely close to your heart, it's probably something you think about everyday, it's probably something you share to your spouse, it's probably something you get in the internet and you get envy. Something that you need a 100% in your business and something that you can get very quickly.

What is this? It's Authority.

You might be thinking, Yes, I know about authority. I know what to do, I know how to build a blog, I go to networking events, people know me or a little black book, etc.

But let me give you an idea about Authority and witness how Bill became one of the Top 10 Global Influencer In The Recruitment Market.

Let's identify what are the key components he did.