Podcast 47 – Power Of The Mastermind For Recruitment & Search Business Owners

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00] - Topic introduction
[00:53] - The Power of Mastermind Group in your Recruitment/Search Business
[02:34] - The Leveraged Recruitment/Search Business Owner - London Intensive 2017
[03:31] - The impact of Mastermind Group to your Recruitment Business
[09:22] - Three things you need to consider when you're moving to a Mastermind Group
[10:01] - First: Collaboration in the Recruitment Mastermind Group
[10:41] - Second: Simplicity in the Recruitment Mastermind Group
[12:52] - Third: Think Bigger in the Recruitment Mastermind Group
[17:32] - The Power of the Tribe in your Recruitment/Search Business
[20:31] - Recruitment Business Recommendations
[21:10] - Think not once but twice in joining a Mastermind Group


Hey there,

Welcome to this edition of the Million Dollar Recruiter. Today, I’m going to be chatting about something very powerful that changed my life and certainly after what happened to the 2-Day London Intensive that changed the lives of 26 others.

It's around the Power of the Mastermind Group.

Last April 19-20, 2017, we launched an event called intensive held at London. There were members coming in from the United States, from Malaysia but most of them in the U.K. It was our U.K. intensive rationing going across the U.S. very soon to allow U.S. intensive. So we spent two solid days together.

Everyone was excited sharing one of our strategies they’ve used [Inner Circle Strategy] and how they've made it. Some put on steroids or indeed another strategy they've taken on board and tweaked it. We actually changed the entire structure of the 2-day intensive.

So three things you need to consider when you're moving to a Mastermind Group



3.Think Bigger


Whatever you're doing now or maybe a better frame would be wherever you want. Be somebody who's already done it. Somebody who's already done what you want to do. So it makes sense to model what's proven. So that said I am going to show and I'll speak to very soon.