Podcast 48 – From Recruiter Job To Recruitment Business Owner

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00] - Topic introduction
[00:52] - From Recruiter Job To Recruitment/Search Business Owner
[02:07] - The Three Key Frustrations before moving from being a Recruiter into a Recruitment Business
[02:52] - Scenarios of a Recruiter Job
[05:11] - Being a Recruitment/Search Business Owner
[07:27] - Three Key Things that you need to be doing as a Recruitment/Search Business Owner
[13:20] - QUESTION: What's your role in actually making scalability happening
[20:30] - Make sure that transition is planned in your Recruitment Business


Hey there,

Welcome to this episode of the Million Dollar Recruiter. Today's episode is something that pretty much 99% of
Recruitment/Search Business Owners have problem and that is moving from being a job owner into being a business

As a transition moving from being a recruiter into actually running a business, I'm going to focus on really
moving from being the recruiter with a job into actually being the business owner. So some of our members take
the strategies and they move from being a recruiter who runs a business but it's actually truly been a business

Three key frustrations:

1. Not enough money
2. Not enough revenue
3. Not enough of that coming in

A typical job owner has crazy amount of hours going on so they may be sat on the sofa and they've got the wife
or the partner of one arm and the other arm they're all on the phone and connect to people on LinkedIn. Who
knows where that will end up. Also, if they go on holiday for two, three weeks they work very hard 40 weeks of
the year so they can have four weeks off. That isn't a life at all. On the other hand, a business owner their
role be really to ensure that the business runs without them. They'll be working to metrics, they ensure that
their team work to systems and their team make sure they've got the right automation processes in place.

Well have you got a business and make sure that transition is planned. Don't let it evolve. Plan that