Podcast 49 – The Fully Remote Recruitment Business

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Topic introduction
[00:01:00] - Keith Southern of Humanomics on a Fully Remote Recruitment Business
[00:02:02] - Start treating your Recruitment Business seriously
[00:03:30] - The Fully Remote Recruitment Business
[00:06:13] - When did Keith started to actually remote his Recruitment Business?
[00:14:52] - Your roles on a Remote Recruitment Business
[00:16:24] - The communication rhythm on a Remote Recruitment Business
[00:24:35] - The roles of Account Managers in your Recruitment Business
[00:28:58] - From Traditional Recruitment Business to Remote Model
[00:40:34] - Importance of Automated System in a Remote Recruitment Business
[01:03:54] - The Key Lesson in a Remote Recruitment Business
[01:11:39] - Key Habits to run a Remote Recruitment Business


Today is a continuation of the hot seat - so Keith is someone we've been following and we're going to follow Keith's journey. Now the reason why we got Keith on the Hot Seat is we're following a couple of people in the group. We've gone from pretty much once an established person [Keith], someone else's start up and following their journey. So we got a track record of this person's business growth and we're going to share it with you as we go.

Keith will share it around The Fully Remote Recruitment Business.

Why we're doing it now:

1. First, Keith sent me a message in December and said it's one of his best months from the beach. So he's working at one of Thailand's beaches on an iPad.

2. Second, Keith is taking his Recruitment Business very seriously.

What I want to do is really important, we're all on a different part of the journey and Keith's now gone fully remote and he's got other challenges in front of him. But I really want you to get this change that Keith's gone through right now.

Today we're going to focus purely on the remote piece.