Podcast 52 – Your 6 or 7 Figure Recruitment Search Year Is Predictable


Today's episode of the Laptop Recruiter is about Predictability in your Recruitment/Search Business

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:00:53] - Your own version of being "Mystic Mac" in the Recruitment/Search Business
[00:01:48] - Exercise: Grab a pen and paper
[00:03:00] - Predictably know A's, B's, C's Client Leads
[00:03:52] - Predictability in your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:06:38] - Set a Financial Target in your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:08:10] - Become a Psychic of your own Recruitment/Search Business
[00:08:46] - Plan your Next 90-Days
[00:11:27] - Nurture Maximiser
[00:14:10] - You can Predict the Future of your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:16:35] - Key Performance Indicators and Key Performance Action
[00:17:29] - The Steps you must remember in your Recruitment/Search Business


Hey there,

Welcome to this special episode of The Laptop Recruiter or The Million Dollar Recruiter.

You probably know me, Andy Whitehead and for those who don't- I'm passionate about Muay Thai which is a martial art and over the last 24 months I've come into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in which I never thought I would. I've come to Conor McGregor, of course he's from UK. He's doing awesome things inside the MMA world and calls himself "Mystic Mac".

Today's session is about making you "Mystic Mac". Your own version of being "Mystic Mac".