Podcast 55 – Q1 The 90-10 Recruitment / Search Business Owner Rule

Today's Laptop Recruiter episode is one of the three completely different sessions.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:36] - Introduction: 1 of 3 Sessions
[00:01:42] - The Marketplace in your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:02:40] - The Key Challenges
[00:03:09] - FACT: 90% and 10% of your Clients
[00:04:00] - How to treat Prospects and Candidates?
[00:05:47] - 10%: Use Campaign Automation; 90%: Nurture for the next 12 months
[00:06:55] - Question #1: What do you think about the time you spent in the business?


Hey there,

Welcome to this episode of Laptop Recruiter and the next two will be completely different from our usual approach. There isn't going to be a format as in this is the set of actions I want to go away or the set of steps I recommend you to implement or indeed maybe a reference to case study, NO.

They are three (3) very quick sessions which I'm going to be asking you a question and for you to internalize that question because quite after one the key things, one of the key strengths I believe I have, I can look at a members' metrics and within 10-15 minutes we can come up on time a new strategy for the next 30days, 90days or indeed how we can double or triple the results we got from the previous 30 days just from a set of metrics.

Three basic questions I'm going to really put to you in the next three sessions. So this is the first one.