Podcast 56 – Q2: Do You Get The Game?

Today's Laptop Recruiter episode is a continuation of the previous session.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:06] - Introduction: 2 of 3 Sessions
[00:01:41] - You're an Entrepreneur in your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:02:04] - You're not a Recruiter, You're a Business Owner
[00:03:47] - A Proven Model not Dozens of Strategies
[00:04:37] - Replication in your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:05:54] - Take a Step Back
[00:08:13] - Do you want to be a Business Owner?
[00:08:25] - Speak to Andy


Hey there,

Welcome back! We're on the second of three very short, very powerful podcasts with 3 insight. This session is
something that's really dear to me and these 3 sessions really are quite effective model because it's painful to see a
Recruitment/Search Business Owner who essentially is an entrepreneur who, at some point, said "I'm worth more than
this" and "I'm going to prove to my family", "I'm going to prove it to my self", "I'm going to prove to whatever
happens in my childhood", "I'm going to prove to those around me", "I'm going to prove to the doubters, my teachers
and to whoever it might be", "I CAN DO THIS".

And when we don't do it, as we all know because most of us on this session are built the same way, it can be one of
the most painful, harmful, stressful things to go through.

In this second session, take a step back and ask yourself this, Do you run your business like a Business Owner?