Podcast 57 – Q3: 18 Summers With Your Kids

Today's Laptop Recruiter episode is last of the three completely different sessions.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:36] - Introduction: Question #3
[00:01:26] - You only have 18 Summers with your Kids
[00:02:06] - Aurora came along
[00:02:54] - Lesson
[00:03:21] - Pen and Paper Exercise
[00:04:36] - Velocity Call with Ben Palmer
[00:05:36] - Your TIME as a Recruitment/Search Business Owner
[00:08:21] - Q3: Are you being real with your timelines in your business?
[00:09:32] - You're the point of FAILURE and SUCCESS of your Recruitment/Search Business
[00:10:48] - HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired
[00:11:35] - Two Biggest Assets in your Recruitment/Search Business


Hey there,

How are you doing?

Here's question #3 and the other 2 from previous podcasts:

Question 1: Do you understand that your marketplace consists of the 9-10 rule?
Question 2: Do you get the game of Recruitment / Search Business?
Question 3: Are you being real with your timelines in your business?

I've read an awesome book and there was a statement on it saying "You only have 18 summers with your kids" and that's
one of the most profound statements I've heard and it really hit me. Now I'm very fortunate, unless you don't know,
I'm going back number of years - I have an automated business when we sold, training to Recruitment/Search Business
Owners the entire process was automated, I had a team with one VA who run it and it went very well.

Then, we set up what we have now -the Inner Circle group in Recruitment Marketing International. And now Aurora, my
daughter, has come along.

I want to set-up a laptop business about twelve years ago but I've always understood, I believe anyhow that TIME is
one of our greatest variables that we were unable to actually control unless we actually take a step back.