Podcast 61 – How Jamie Grew £40,000/Week In His Temp Recruitment Business Under 90 Days Using THE RMI Strategy

Today's Laptop Recruiter session is a case study with Jamie Town.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Introduction: Jamie's Temp Marketplace
[00:04:28] - Three Key Challenges into Temp Recruitment Business
[00:06:52] - Key Drivers That Made Jamie think the Things He Need to Change
[00:11:03] - Three Key Advantages After Using RMI Strategy
[00:18:49] - Full Key Outcome in Jamie's Temp Recruitment Business
[00:25:51] - Suggestions/Insights


Hi guys,

I've got Jamie Town on today's Laptop Recruiter session.

He's been in the mastermind group for about 4-5 months now but already moving quickly.

As per Jamie, the temp market is a difficult industry to be in but he was able to strategically add £40,000 per week into his Temp Recruitment Business.

Jamie's done a pretty cool stuff, something that you can apply to your Recruitment business.