Podcast 62 – How Terry Has Built A Candidate Pipeline List From 4,300 To 550,000 Which Gives Him A £20 Million Pipeline Over The Next 3 Years

Today's session is a Case Study with Terry Mallin.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Introduction: Two Types of Recruitment / Search Business
[00:01:43] - Who Terry Mallin Is? His Recruitment Business?
[00:05:33] - Key Driver: Maintain Stability
[00:07:00] - Two Things a Recruitment / Search Business Owner Needs
[00:13:26] - What the Metrics will say in your Recruitment Business?
[00:18:07] - The Candidates in Terry's Recruitment Business
[00:21:00] - Andy's Strategies on your Recruitment / Search Business


Welcome to this another Laptop Recruiter session today!

I've got with me, Terry Mallin.

Terry has done some crazy things in his recruitment business such as building with a database of half a million prospects and
creating a process that gives him £20 million funnel.

Terry will share his story how he was able to managed it.