Podcast 64 – Make 2018 Best Year Ever In Your Recruitment / Search Business


Today's session is all about your actual outcome this 2018 for your Recruitment / Search Business.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Introduction: Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever!
[00:03:38] - The Actual Outcome You Want This Year In Your Recruitment / Search Business
[00:04:46] - Recruitment Case Study: Jamie Town of Clarico
[00:09:09] - Recruitment Case Study: Mitch Robbins of The Anthony Michael Group
[00:13:33] - Your Job As A Recruitment Business Owner
[00:14:33] - Recruitment Case Study: Darren Franks of Talent In The Cloud
[00:15:18] - Get Clarity On Your Outcome For Your Recruitment / Search Business
[00:17:02] - You're Not Fit In The Mastermind Group (Inner Circle)
[00:19:24] - 2018 Is In Your Shoulders


Hey there,

How are you doing? Andy Whitehead here and Happy New Year!

2018 is here or if you listen back to this in 2030 you missed a good year.

So, we're at start of the year and I'm hoping you had an awesome break with a lot of stuff goes with it. The reality is that you'll think "Alright Andy, I don't really care about all the niceties just show me how to grow my Recruitment / Search Business..." and I get that.

It's a time though where most Recruitment / Search Business Owners going to kill it. This is the year to do million dollars, do five million dollars and start their businesses; and with effort, guile, pure blood and sweat, they can do it.

That's how we're built in Recruitment.