Podcast 65 – YOU as Recruitment / Search Business Owner – Retained V Contingent V Temp


Today's session is all about the 3 key drivers of a Recruitment / Search Business Owner.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Introduction: The 3 Key Drivers of a Recruitment / Search Business
[00:01:48] - John Salt's Epic Recruitment Story
[00:03:26] - You Need a Client Attainment System (CAS) in your Recruitment Business
[00:05:53] - Next: Enough Lead Flow and Conversion of CAS
[00:07:46] - Recap



How you doing? Andy Whitehead here.

I just want to give you a very quick insight. Maybe a light bulb moment.

Most Recruitment Business Owners come to me with 1 of 3 drivers going on:

1. Temp
2. Perm
3. Fully Retained Business

Why'd you want that?

Well, You might in Temp side for huge revenue or maybe OK revenue, lots of effort, lots of work but small profit margin; or might be you're in Perm marketplace been working in contingent and you're working your butt off but it doesn't convert; or it could be on the space whereby you are Retained but it's so difficult to actually get that or you're not get enough of it, you're actually not get in the volume in of retained business.

So, quite often when a Recruitment Business Owner comes to me they want Perm or want to scale up the Temp side of it or they want to go Fully Retained or in combination.

But, what we want ultimately is cash in the pocket.