Podcast 66 – How Darren Franks 5X His Recruitment Business Revenue In Under 6 Months


The first Hot Seat for 2018.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - The First Hotseat For 2018: Darren Franks of Talent In The Cloud
[00:06:50] - Darrens's Extensive Recruitment Background
[00:14:15] - What's Going Through Darren's Mind Before Joining Andy's Mastermind Group
[00:18:35] - Client and Candidate Leads In Darren's Recruitment Business
[00:20:20] - Before and After Of Darren's Recruitment Business
[00:26:04] - The Impact From Zero to 6 Months Shift
[00:35:06] - The Biggest Insight / Lesson Working With Andy
[00:38:41] - Recap


Welcome, today's session is a hot seat with Darren Franks.

A hot seat is whereby a member from the ignition group (Inner Circle Member) shares their story.

So, they maybe with us in 3 months or they've gone straight traction mode and killed it. They maybe with us in a year and done their 7-figures year. They maybe going through a transition stage and looking to go fully retained, could be a revenue or any matter could be a reason for hot seat.

We certainly do this every month. It's completely my bad that we slow this down because back in the last year we had so much new content where you can get it all out.

Now, we're going to reintroduce hot seat again.