Podcast 67 – The 2018 Recruitment Lesson


This Laptop Recruiter episode is from the critique session with Brandt Handley.

Podcast Highlights:

[00:00:35] - Brandt Handley's New Website
[00:01:58] - The Clients / Candidates In Brandt's Recruitment Business
[00:08:52] - The Process To Get Candidates On Board From US / Europe Marketplace
[00:16:32] - Three Key Changes For Brandt's Website
[00:21:53] - Brandt's Recruitment Business Lesson
[00:24:05] - Candidate Responses In Brandt's Recruitment Business
[00:32:13] - That Someone You Need In Your Recruitment Business


Hi guys,

I'm going to share with you one of the things we do inside the ignition group (Inner Circle), the Critique Session.

With me is Brandt Handley and we're going to discuss his new website.

For those who have not seen Brandt's cool website, it's pretty darn good and for two reasons:

1. Very clear on what it does, who just for and how it does
2. It has cool funnels

What we got here is 1.0. Again, what's going to happen is when we run the campaign, the Clients / Candidates will do the following:

1. Check out LinkedIn
2. Check out website