How Your Recruitment Business Could Be A Parthenon

In this article, we are going to talk about something I have brought up many times over the years now. The Recruitment Parthenon, so what is that?

If you want to close your eyes for one second, close your eyes and remember the beautiful white buildings, back to the days in Greece with the beautiful white pillars.

We want to think of a Parthenon, that's what we are thinking about. These beautiful pillars holding up this amazing building.

Your Recruitment Business Should Be A Parthenon

Your business, your recruitment business should be a Parthenon. So many times I see a recruitment business and I’ll ask "What's your process to bring on board leads, or to bring on board candidates or to bring on board your growth activities?" and they come back to me saying "We use LinkedIn, email blast and of course use telephone."

"Okay, you do those two key things, what else?" and looking at a few bits and pieces but essentially you’ve got a business there just built on quicksand, it's like a table with two legs. It's going to fall over at some point. You want to build up a Parthenon in your business, you don't want to be dependent on one or two pillars to grow your business. You want to be dependent on many.

We talk about your business having different processes to bring in leads, different systems, different automation strategies, etc.

So if you can picture your business across the next 12 months and if you can imagine each month you are going to add a new pillar to the business. A new pillar to bring on board new clients or a new pillar to bring on board new candidates or a new pillar that ultimate the engagement and nurture existing clients and candidates or a new pillar, fill in the blank.

You add one a month for 12 months, at the end of that 12 month period you have now got a Parthenon. So say for example one of your lead generation strategies is what we use, LinkedIn Recruiter, it’s pretty good, but let's imagine in 12 months that the price is 5x or whatever it might be or you use another channel, another social media channel and something happens, your account gets closed down. Your Facebook group gets shut down for whatever reason. You have lost one of your key channels.

If you got a Parthenon in place were you got multiple channels, the table isn't going to fall over, you haven't got two legs. You got eleven legs left. You've got something that can be replicated, something that can be scaled. What it does it adds a comfort to your business when you know you got multiple channels bringing in leads, when you know you got multiple channels bringing in candidates.

So think about your business as a Parthenon.

How Do You Do That? Your Recruitment Business As A Parthenon?

How can you speck this out? Think about what you are doing right now. What are you doing to bring on board clients? What are you doing to bring onboard candidates now?

It's really simple. Everything we do is based on a premise of two steps:

The first step is whatever strategy you use, get it converting to a really high level.

We talk about if we use webinars for example, we want to get a 40% plus conversion from the very first webinar. We want to get those sort of figures from the very first one. So if 100 people come to your webinar, we want 40%. Tell me more about your business. Tell me more about the session. Tell me more about what you do, etc. We want to be doing that right from the get go.

If we had that process and say that the client did it and it was at 5%, you are not going to scale that process are you? Say it was converting at 50-60-70%, what would you do? You would put ten times more clients through that funnel, wouldn't you?

Rather than having 50-60 you would have 500 - 600, same candidates, break it down into two really simple steps – conversion comes first and then you scale. In fact you scale the living hell out of it. That's where the growth comes from. None of this is rocket science, it's pretty simple but a very much comes from strategies, implementation in our own business and our clients in their own business rather.

First, Convert. Next, Scale.

It breaks down to two elements. Each pillar in your business, if it's not converting then why are you going to scale it? If you got consultants in your business who are not bringing on board new business, that are not bringing on board right candidates, why would you try to get two or three other consultants on board? Why would you scale that strategy in your business?

One of our clients came to us and said his best call ever, they want to be on board two consultants we looked at his business. Okay, so you got a process now that's bringing in leads, so each time you are going through the “Maven Webinar”, you'll get 10 - 15 leads from that process. You actually want to go and have a new consultant come on board and then hit-link to him, hit the phones, because that's the dumb thing in recruitment.

Surely the most logical thing to do: If you get in 10 - 15 leads from a maven webinar, that’s 10 extra traffic going through that. Instead of 10 - 15, you get 100 - 150 leads coming in. Then you can have a consultant take the lead, follow through on the lead rather than coming to the business and do what? “Traditional Recruitment” does.

You want to find a process. Each pillar in your business, whatever the pillar is to bring on board new leads, to bring on board new candidates, whatever the pillar is get it converting first.

Once it converts scale the living hell out of it. We have got literally about 125 strategies that we use with our clients and they come and join us and they look inside our VIP members vault. There is literally hundreds, all manner of strategy tools, step by step instructions to show you how to do this and they get almost overwhelmed. Here is the thing, you don't need a 100+ strategies.

I've seen businesses go from 100k a year to 500k in 6 months by applying just two or three strategies. You don't need hundreds of them, you need to get one or two, get them converting, then you scale and then you can think about additional pillars. It's important, whatever you do in your business, get the first pillar converting, then scale it. Next – next pillar, get it converting, scale.

You can add your pillars into your 90-day sprints (I discussed this on my podcast where you break a year into 90-day sprints). With that said grab a piece of pen and paper and literally draw out 10 - 12 pillars. Again, just what mostly include in some of my articles, grab a piece of pen and paper and literally draw out 10-12 pillars. What pillars do you need in your business to bring on board leads? What pillars do you need in your business to bring on board candidates? What pillars do you need in your business to operationally grow? What pillars you need in your business which means you can remove your time from the business that instead of working 80 hours a week you can work 40 hours or 30 hours or 20 hours? (Whatever your outcome is). What pillars do you need in your business?

Implement one at a time, get it converting then scale it.

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