Work on your Recruitment / Search Business Anywhere in the World

Today’s article is about the laptop lifestyle of a laptop recruiter. 

Keith who runs a company in the UK, shared what he had done. 

He shut down his office in Covent Garden in London and he essentially now works from home and traveling. He has gone from working crazy hours to working 3 1/2 days a week. He thought, "I want to be able to work from my laptop. I want a laptop lifestyle. I want to go with the system strategies, automation inbound and etc.” 

As for me, when we started this business, it was all about the laptop. I can work in Florida, Philippines, Australia— I can work anywhere. I used to work in the corporate industry where I had a team of 75 people. I worked for B Sky B, a company by the same guy who runs Fox News in the States. I did my shift in the corporate world but when I left that, I thought, “No, I want to be enjoying life.” 

The Traditional Recruiter or Recruitment / Search Business Owner

Most recruiters get to the office and get some real frustrations—the commute getting to the office, working late in the office, the office politics and so on. 

I will never go through that again without a shadow of a doubt where I’d miss out on family life and life would just be slipping by.” 

This is something Keith said and I never really thought about it that way. 

He has gone into recruitment and set up his business. He thought that he wants to have more money to support his family and lifestyle. He also thought to be given more freedom. He knows when he wakes up, looks at his phone and emails and be going in circles doing the same thing all over again. 

The only thing that I look at is for our savvy members using my laptop. You do not create your business to be tied to it. You want to have a business where you can actually enjoy your life. You get that with effective systems and automation. 

How to Be a Laptop Recruiter on your Recruitment / Search Business 

How would you make it happen. There are three things you need to focus on. What did Keith do? 

  1. Look at yourbusiness and change a few elements up front.

Get clarity on your niche and marketplace. Look at how you can get results and get them moving quicker. 

  1. Havea process in place and do some analysis.

How big is the marketplace? Who is your client and your candidate? You need to get a real clear picture of the size of your marketplace. From that point, you can do some diagnostics. If your marketplace consists of 10,000 potential clients and 20,000 potential candidates, how big is your database? If you have 100 clients or prospects and you have 500 candidates, you have a big gap. 

Like Keith, he had a big gap. The first thing we did is plug that gap. We build up the database. The second thing, use an automated system. We used one of our strategies called RRRR where the prospect replies and are moved in the automated sequence. Then you reap the rewards. 

The automated process replaces what you do on cold calling and all the traditional recruitment techniques. It was created when LinkedIn changed their policy. Going back a year, you could message unlimited amounts of people inside the groups directly. It was a great way to sort the clients and candidates if you had the right templates in place. When you create the strategy, LinkedIn changed their algorithm, so we are always creating new strategies. In fact, we create two to three new strategies every single month and update them as the marketplace changes, as platforms change. 

We created the strategy and what Keith now does is each week he puts 500 candidates into his process and he puts 200 clients into his process. What that does is Keith's reply rate is 94%. Everything we do is all template driven. So 94%, most of our clients get between 20-70% reply rates which average about 40-50%. 

  1. Get commission-only recruiters.

Effectively, Keith gives them the leads and speaks to the clients and candidates. You harvest them off to the commission only recruiters. He has 5 commission only recruiters and they split it 50/50. 

Running your Recruitment / Search Business Remotely 

He has got a system, data, inbound, passes the leads to the recruiters, passes the candidates to the recruiters. The recruiters are happy who are working from home and get 50%. It is inbound, so the clients and candidates come to them. They have not gone chasing instead they put an opt-in page up and download free resources to start with. It is actually a direct process. 

Keith has got a laptop lifestyle. He does not need to be in an office. He has systems that actually create the inbound leads. He has systems that create the inbound candidates. He actually turns away business. 

If you want a laptop lifestyle or earn more money, that’s great. What drives it is the same principal. You must have a system that is predictable. A system based on metrics, and a system that is inbound. As soon as you start chasing you lose a dynamic. You become a commodity, you fight on price. You are chasing prospects. You become just another recruiter. 

A Laptop Lifestyle on your Recruitment / Search Business is Possible 

Systems drive it all. I have only touched on one strategy. We have over 150 strategies so we have two a month, so by the end of the year we will be pushing 160 some a year. 

But for you to have a laptop lifestyle, you need to be thinking about what does that really mean. What does it really mean? How is my business structure right now? If I suddenly pulled away from the office and I got recruiters working from home but the same systems you have currently, or the same approach currently, what would happen? It would probably be carnage. So you must control the lead flow. Your systems control the lead flow for clients and candidates, that is the most important part of having a laptop lifestyle. The systems to create the inbound leads for clients and candidates. 

“Think about your business from a systematic point of view. The systems drive predictability. Predictability drives metrics. Metrics drive conversion and then that drives scale.” 

The Three Key Drivers to Scale your Recruitment / Search Business 

  1. You do it with system.
  2. You do it with the metrics.
  3. You do it by inbound. 

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